The contemporary market is based on research and innovation. Sustainable development must be built, today as never before, in full respect for the environment and people. Technology transfer process from the University of Salento to TCT allowed the start up of experimental laboratories and production pilot plant of nanoparticles and nanofluids.
The partnership with National District of Technology for Energy "Di.T.N.E.", University of Salento, National Centre of Research (CNR), National Centre for material technology (ENEA) lead the company towards innovative industrial and business perspective focused in nanotechnology.
The main scope of that project focused is to develop an industrial production plant of metal oxide nanoparticles based on the chemical process.
The Terminology Nanoparticles is referred to solid particles with one of the dimensions smaller than 100 nanometers. TCT has patented a system for generating nanoparticles of metal oxide with size as 7 nanometers and morphology controlled. Nanoparticles of metal oxide are a widely used material in fact you can find them as catalysts, superconducting materials, thermoelectric materials, sensing materials, glass, ceramics and other fields. Furthermore the metal oxide nanoparticles can be used as rocket propellant combustion catalyst, Ceramic resistors, Gas sensors, Magnetic storage media, Near-infrared tilters, in Photoconductive and photothermal applications, Semiconductors, Solar energy transformation.

The chemical reactions occur using raw materials in proper chemical reactor that was fully developed based on thermodynamics needs of the reaction system.
Nanoparticoles are produced by an industrial process that was developed from chemical and scientific lab literature and after depositing of five patents related to the inventions in nanotechnology.

These inventions refer to the generation of nanoparticles of metal oxide with specific composition, size and morphology.
The plant is able to generate nanoparticles of Copper Oxide, Cerium Oxide, Zinc Oxide, Titanium Oxide , Aluminum Oxide.
Additional patents refer to the formulation of Heat Transfer Nanofuids for internal combustion engines and industrial systems applications.

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